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Operation: Adventure!

We are Knuckleheads Apparel

We are a clothing company representing adventure, passion, and positivity.

I started this company to represent a positive change in the community and promote an active and healthy lifestyle. We are a brand that supports everyone and all their hobbies, and with that, we believe we can be the catalyst to the breaking down of stereotypes.

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Though we are a clothing company, we incorporate service to others in everything we do. I have made my living working with disabled adults and have seen some of the hardships they live with. These folks struggle with interpersonal relations due to lack of exposure and the public’s discomfort and misconceptions. They often don’t have opportunities to be active, make friends, or have fun.

IG_KH_ArrowLeft  So for our first mission, we’re going to change that…  IG_KH_ArrowRight

My Goal is to provide transportation once a month to a healthy and safe activity that gets them moving and makes them smile. Through this we can better their lives and change the communities attitude towards their specific demographic.

We want to give these great folks one day a month of fun. An excuse to get out into the community and do something they may have not done.

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Knuckleheads apparel has an excellent website, ever growing Facebook and Instagram page, and significant local following. If you are interested in helping us with this project, we believe we can help you through expanded publicity.

If we’re not helping others, what good are we doing?

If you are interested in more information, donating time, money, or services in any way, let’s talk!

Cody P. Lewis
Knuckleheads Apparel

Donate Now to Operation Adventure